Punks, drunks & skunks

Tromsø Undergrunn is a common effort put into covering whatever news and happenings the local, established news outlets might miss about our city’s underground scene.

We ain´t got no PHD in journalism or grammar, but we aim to make this blog fun and entertaining for those who are interested in our subcultural shenanigans.

Are you or your band about to release a single or an album? Send it to us and we will gladly spread the word as far as we can reach! You can always contact us at: tromsoundergrunn@gmail.com. One of our exceptionally eloquent writers will pick up the tread.

Tromsø Undergrunn is represented by a few hyperactive and passionate bartenders/burger flippers/bouncers etc. from Bastard Bar and Blårock Café, but we are very eager to hear from YOU! Yes, you that might have something interesting to tell the world about your favorite band, artist, concert or experience, a hot and personal opinion about a topic or a cause so dear to you that it gives you an overwhelming feeling of sharing it with the rest of us.

We are constantly on the look for guest writers and until we convince Egon Holstad or Johnny Wilhelmsen that we are worthy, you´ll do.

Disclaimer: this is voluntary work, so all you´ll get out of this is a thumbs up, creds and maybe a beer or two.

You can remain anonymous and you can pen your thoughts in both English and Norwegian, you´re the boss. Join the blogging Bastards!

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Guts, Grit & Lipstick