It must be jam ´cause jelly ain´t shaking like that

It must be jam ´cause jelly ain´t shaking like that

Tuesday Jam is a well established and valued tradition, dating back at least 15 years ago when our beloved basement was called Kaos. 

Diversity is central to bastard´s jam, both on and off stage and no jam is exactly the same as the others. We encourage all musicians and music enthusiasts to take their space and claim their time on stage, no matter the level, genre or instrument of choice. 

Bastards jam is customized by musicians for musicians. It´s history, fame and continuity depends completely on Tromsø´s music scene. If you are one of those people that comes to the jam and complains about wanting more jazz, less jazz. more punk. more metal, less of this and more of that, get off your high scathing horse and move your bum on stage. Grab a mic, an instrument and a couple of friends and do it yourself the way YOU want it! We´re having fun anyway and everybody is welcome. 

Bastard facilitates a houseband every week, formed of 4-5 local musicians, to secure a good flow through the night and fill in spots on any band constellation needed on stage at any time. This routine provides a low threshold for other musicians, regardless of level, to go up on stage to play with others. We are always on the look for new houseband members, so if you feel the calling, send us a message or an email and we can discuss things further. Besides the guarantee of a fun tuesday every week, there are a lot of other perks that come with being a houseband hero. 

The jam is a gathering place where musicians can interact, build networks, explore genres, learn new skills and build stage presence and self-confidence. Many Tromsø bands have their origins in the jam, and it has on several occasions been a catalyst for new collaborations.

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