About Bastard

Bastard Bar is a year-round concert organizer and one of the most active live stages in Tromsø. Since the start in 2009, our stage has been established as an important arena for young bands and musicians, regardless of expression and genre.
Plassen var vinner av kulturprisen fra Tromsø Kommune i 2014, vinner av kåringen “Byens Beste Bar” stemt frem av leserne av Mediehuset iTromsø i 2016 og vinner av prisen som årets helårs konsertarrangør 2018 i regi av Norske konsertarrangører.

Our concert offer will give the audience an opportunity to see what is happening in the local music community, as well as experience national and international artists live. There is a lot of exciting happening in the music community in the region, and it is no secret that it is on the small stages can get the biggest surprises but also a taste of the greats of the future. 

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Strandgata 22
9008 Tromsø

Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 18:00-02:00
Friday - Saturday: 18:00-03:30
Sunday: 18:00-02:00


For event/concert booking, contact our booking manager booking@bastardbar.no or write here


2 stk Nexo PS 15R2 / 2 stk Nexo PS 15

2 stk Nexo PS 18 Sub  

Allen & Heath SQ-5

Allen & Heath AR2412

Nexo NX 4X4 Amplifiers

LAB 4000

4 pcs Martins LE 1200

2 pcs Marshall JCM 900

2 pcs Marshall JCM 800

1 pc Marshall DSL 401 jcm 2000

1 pc Orange Dual Terror

1 pc VOX AC30 C2

1 pc Vox Nightrain

1 pc Fender Twin Reverb Blackface 65 reissue 

2 pcs Marshall 1960a 4×12

1 pc Peavey 3120 

1 pc Peavey 3120

1 pc Ampeg SVT Classic

1 pc Ampeg 4×10

1 pc Premier Classic trommesett

2 pcs Shure SM 58A BETA

5 pcs Shure SM 58

5 pcs Sennheiser e609

5 pcs Sennheiser 604

3 pcs Klark teknik DN 100

1 pc Palmer Pan Passive 01

1 pc Radial SB-1 Active

1 pc Radial Sb-2 Passive

5 pcs microphone stand

4 pcs keyboard stands

5 pcs cymbal stands

1 pc bass drum pedals

1 pc drum chair

1 pc Hi-hat stand

2 pcs Sharp stand

We also have various cables, instruments and breakables in case of turbulence. Guitars, bass, sharp, cymbals etc.

2 pcs Technics 1210

1 pc Pioneer DJM 700

2 pcs Pioneer CDJ 350

4 pcs Ortofon pickups

M-touch mixer w/touch tablet


4 x Martin Rush Scanner 1

2 x Martin Rush CWL Strobe 

10 x Showtec Pixelbar 12MK2

8 x Par 16

10 x Showtec Pixelbar 12MK2



Jem Compact Hazer Pro